Many of us wear a version of the same ‘uniform’ most days. Whether in Suffolk, where I live, or in London for meetings, I wear jeans at least 5 days out of 7 so half the decision is already made. In Summer I wear T-shirts with a lightweight knit (this is Britain people) and in the winter a jumper over a T-shirt.

As this has become the way I face the world daily, I wanted every piece to be the ultimate…the best quality and be the most comfortable it can be… for jumpers, this means cashmere.

It became an obsession to find a good quality, machine washable garment that really fitted. It should sit neatly under the arms so that it can be worn under a jacket with ease while cuffs and waistbands are long enough not to look mean.

Having worked with leading knitwear companies for many years, I had some inkling of where to start looking for a factory to make my dream cashmere collection.

I knew it had to be in Mongolia

and I knew I was going to be really fussy about the quality.

It’s imperative that a cashmere jumper keeps its’ shape

when washed and continues to look good for a long time.

Having found a family run factory, I spent 6 months washing sample jumpers to make sure they retained their shape and quality.

Great cashmere, like great wine, will never be cheap but you should get good value for money as they should become favourite pieces that just get softer and better with wear.

Homespun launched to provide essential cashmere shapes in the right colours that feel delicious to wear time after time.

Our Homespun store opened in Woodbridge in September 2015, stocking our beautiful cashmere along with other fashion labels.


Having worked with some of the worlds leading knitwear designers during the last 20 years, I knew that the finest cashmere yarn could only be found in Mongolia.
So I spent a year looking for the best factory, which could consistently deliver fantastic quality and a happy working environment.

I found a family run, small factory, that had the great bonus of Dug (NOT Doug) a Scots guy who had followed his heart to Mongolia (it’s a love story, what can I tell you) which gets over the possibly tricky language barrier try explaining, “a sexy glimpse of collar bone” in Mongolian.

Dug and the team immediately understood that our point of difference had to be finely tuned fit and excellent quality. Working with a top knitwear designer in the UK meant lengthy discussions and numerous samples, till we knew we had achieved what we were looking for.